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How To Make Millions Buying and Selling Gadgets ​Imported From USA For 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x, Even 15x Profit Margins - Guaranteed


​I will show you how to source for sweet deals, how to bring it into the country, and how to sell it for huge profit margins

Continue reading the information  below to see​ case study after case study and learn how you can apply these simple principles on your own and make BIG MONEY FAST.

This is The Perfect Business

Why do I call it that?

Because it's a business that is so easy to start and so quick at ​spitting out profits, you'll wonder why you haven't started already.

Not only that, i​t’s a business model that has made me and many people ​I know rich. I know by now, you know the business I'm talking about but let me re-introduce it to you again... It's Called the 

Gadget Importation Business- A Perfect lazyman Business 

Why is it a Perfect Lazyman Business?

I mean there are a ton of different business ideas you can choose from, right?


But consider there are 4 reasons why I believe Gadget Importation is the Perfect Lazyman Business you Can ever do


Reason 1: The ​Business ​Model ​Is ​​Easy To Understand and Straight ​Forward

You don't have to master one million things to make this work. You also don't need experience (you do need to understand how to make it work ​though). ​But, unlike other business models, it is not complicated. Simply, search for Hot deals at cheap price, then sell high, and you’re in money.

Reason 2: It ​Doesn’t ​Require ​Huge ​Startup ​Capital To Start

You can start with ​as little as ₦20,000 (I mean you can buy one laptop or mobile phone for $50 i.e 18,500 naira), and then ​reinvest your profits as you grow the business.

Reason 3. It Yields ​Unbelievable Profits Everyday

​If you know how to search for the right deals, you're golden. I am talking profits of up to 1500%!

Reason 4: No Headache Selling the Gadgets

Unlike Buying and selling of Shoes, Cloths, etc where you have to negotiate price with different buyers for a profit of 1,000 naira above, it's totally different. I mean anyone who wants to buy a Samsung Note 8 won't price it like buying cloths.

What Do You Need To Get Started?​


All you need to do is:

  • find a HOT, SWEET Deal.
  • import it into the country.
  • and then resell it for 2x, 3x, or more what you paid for it using some very specific strategies we will show you.

Below Are Some Examples of The Kind of Money
You Can Make in Gadgets Importation


So we opened this Ebook to just 10 people Last week to validate the Business model from a complete newbie. Well, to cut the long story short, 3 people took action the second day and these are the results 

Image Block


From a Complete Newbie doubting if he can start with 20,000 naira to actually buying a laptop for 20,350

Image Block


From a "Doubting Thomas" Newbie to buying A Dell Precision 3510 Worth 250k Bought for just $100. Seriously, I'm envying this newbie!!

Image Block


From a "Doubting Thomas" Newbie to buying A Dell Precision 3510 Worth 250k Bought for just $100. Seriously, I'm envying this newbie!!

Image Block


The first Lady of the set! She's a busy banker and she got a Macbook pro for 55,000 naira despite her busy schedule. What's your excuse?

Image Block


From a Complete Newbie doubting if he can start with 20,000 naira to actually buying a laptop for 20,350

Image Block


Customer ecosystem client validation stock seed money iteration backing crowdsource research & development founders.

Image Block


From a "Doubting Thomas" Newbie to buying A Dell Precision 3510 Worth 250k Bought for just $100. Seriously, I'm envying this newbie!!

There are ​1000s of similar deals like the ones above that can make you BIG money.

​And t​he good news is.

You Can Do It... Almost With Your Eyes Closed

Yes, you can​ - without quitting your current job. ​Because, if you’re currently working, there is no need to quit.

And yes, you can also do it while hunting for your dream job, if that’s what you ultimately want.

Want it to be a long-term business for you? It fits the bill perfectly.

Are You Even Mildly Interested In Making Money​?


​If you'd like to...

1. Wak​e up to daily sales and profit from your own business
​​2. Taking money from ​eager customers who are banging down your door asking to buy your gadget.
3. Make money worries a distant memory...

Then I Introduce the Ebook... 


Gadget Importation From USA- The Perfect LazyMan Business

This​ is a PDF eBook, meaning you will easily be able to read and start reading and implementing.


I will be pouring out all my experiences sourcing for deals and choosing the right deal to go for, shipping it to Nigeria with the right Agents, selling it with a high margin profit.. etc.

​You will learn how to start your own Gadget Importation business, ​ one you can start fast, GROW FAST, and profit from fast.

​​You will learn how to build ​a business, one that​ ​giv​es you the chance to multiply your​ income by

3X…5X...10X…even 20X...


​I ​will share​ with YOU our highly successful and secretly guarded gadgets importation business-building ​strategies that have taken me  lots of sleepness nights to master and perfect.


I ​will practically implant everything about importing Gadgets into Nigeria and marketing them ​into your brain with this ebook.


Everything I have tried, failed at, learnt from and everything I have succeeded at doing in this business; I will show you everything in this ebook.



Here's Exactly What You'll Learn In This Ebook

1 - A-Z of Gadgets Importation From USA:

The ebook will walk you through everything you need to know about gadget importation. I will be explaining different terms like Agents, Location, Unlocking, how the website works, the do's and don'ts, etc. You need to know everything in this section before you start anything.

2- Different Websites Where You Can Source Sweet Deals:

I will list out different websites where you can source for deals; some are relatively new so there are no much competition which gives you the opportunity to quickly milk it.

3- How to Access And Use These Websites:

Most of these websites are strictly for residents of USA, how do you access and register on this website easily? I will be explaining everything in this ebook. I promise you won't be spending an extra dime here! I will also show you as a bonus, how you can get a free virtual computer in U.S and browse U.S websites under restrictions as if you are in U.S from here in Nigeria.

4- Prepping Your Profile:

You don't need to pretend you're a white man or woman here. I will explain eveything from the picture to use and name to use. It's 100% Legit!

5- Sourcing for Sweet, Hot Deals (I love using those terms though):

I will be teaching you with a pictural presentation on how to source for these deals. Search string to use and how to filter the search to your taste.

6- Conversing With This "Oyinbo" People:

There are some messages you will send to these people that will raise a red flag. You know these people are easily triggered. From my experience I will give you a formatted message to send that will make them quickly reply you and agree to your deal.

7- All Requirements You Need To Know Before Buying A Gadget:

Buying a mobile phone? You need to know the carrier, IMEI, condition, etc. I will be breaking everything down for you and you can understand easily.

8- List of Trusted Agents:

By now, you should know the super agents are going to be in charge of picking the items up from the seller on your behalf. I will give contact details of these agents, how to reach them and their terms and conditions.

9- How to Identify a Good deal:

You see a mobile phone for $100 and you're not sure if it's a good deal? I will be explaining how to easily identify a good deal or to stop. How to know the worth of the same model of phone or laptop in Nigeria.

10- How to Sell the Gadgets:

You've finally shipped the product down to Nigeria? Congrats! I will be teaching you how to sell your gadgets as fast as possible at a profitable rate. I will be listing all the websites you can register and sell your products right away! I will equally show you how to get your clients from FACEBOOK and sell your products even before they arrive in Nigeria


You will get the following free of charge

List of Products to Avoid and to Buy:

I will be listing the products you should buy and products you should avoid if you really want to make a lot of profit fast!

The Real LazyMan Method of Hunting for Deals:

So if you're the busy type and you don't have enough time to hunt for Hot deals, I have a proven method whereby you can hire someone to help you hunt for Crazy deals and you pay a stipend. So the only Job you will be doing here is picking up the item in Nigeria and selling.

Free Whatsapp Consulting and Group Chat:

If there is anything you don't understand during the process or you want me to confirm your deals, I will be sharing my secret WhatsApp line to you for Free Consultation and you also have access to a Whatsapp group where you meet other gurus in the business that will be able to help out. In this WhatsApp group, I will equally reveal EVERYTHING on how importation bussiness made me a millionaire I charge 50,000 naira for this! But I will be giving out for FREE!!!

Why am I giving you all of this info for free? Because I want you to get going immediately after reading the Ebook.

Do you have this requirements? I believe you do. You're good to go then!

But I'm Limiting This

Here's why.


And as you will understand, attending to more than 150 people will require A LOT of WORK.


Also, this busines is relatively new in Town so i don't want it to get saturated!

There's no way I can attend to everyone.


​You can be part of that 150, if you are lucky.


How much ​is this Ebook?


Well, considering that I'm giving you a ready-made Business you can start generating thousands of naira from day one and considering the bonus I'm including, it won't be out of place to charge you at least ₦20,000 naira for this.


My  Consultancy fee alone is 50,000 Naira per person, but I'm being generous here. I understand the condition of the country right now.

But I'll do one better this time.

​To have access to this book, I'm asking you to pay 5,999 naira​ for a Slot.


That is 



​Yes, for only ₦5,999, I will be pouring out eveything I've learnt in this business and show you a method that can generate more than  ₦5 million naira within 12 months, so when you're done with the ebook, you can get started immediately.

​And ​we have  ONLY 150 Slots. Once they're gone, they're gone.

​To get the Ebook, you have to hurry.


It Is Now In Your Hands...


BUT WAIT!!... YOU CAN BUY THIS EBOOK FOR ₦2,999 if You Order Now!. This offer closes in the next few hours